[BzPatch 2]: Updates and improvements

Hey everybody!

New Patch is here! Say hello to Patch 1.0.2b (Patch notes below)  A new update with nice improvements for a better game experience.

Are you capable to save the bunker? Prove it and save the world.

About the 1.0.2b patch

Firstly we have reworked so hard the AI, so now they will react much better to the different situations, more work will be added, like advanced behaviors, different animations and there will be more in futures patches!

 Also we've done optimizations in the shooting feedback, first we add some shake to the camera. Also we have been working a lot in the IK stuff so when you shoot the gun move the character's arms and shoulders.  And we have changed nearly all the SFXs for a more interesting version.  Give it a try, you will notice with the first shoo

You'll see that now the difficulty level is a little bit more harder (We also took out rookie level), because we want the video game to be a really interesting challenge for every zombie killer. Nobody said that killing zombies was easy. The real challenge is to survive until your reinforcements arrive. 

Finally, and not less important, we have corrected some nasty bugs!

But What is IK? 

IK is the acronym for Inverse Kinematics. Is an animation technique that allows much more responsive animations in games, propagating the animation to the near bones.  


E.g. When shooting a gun, not only the hands, but the rest of the body move because of the recoil.

About further development.

We are still working on the story. And now we are so happy to show you some of the concept arts  we have prepared.  Also we share our thoughts about the environment and the world.

When we started developing the video game, we had the idea to create a huge city completely ruined by thousands of years of struggling. It would be a desolated scenario... More on the BZlog

What do you think? Let us know on our Discord Server.

Patch 1.0.2b Notes:

  • General improve on AI, now the bandits reacts much better.
  • Big optimization in shooting feedback.
    • Camera improvements.
    • SFX improvements.
    • IK optimizations.
    • New SFX for each every weapon.
  • Now the foots adjust to the terrain.
  • The character reacts when is hitted.
  • Fixed zombie speed bug.
  • Not the zombies let some space after attacks.
  • Rookie challenge level removed.
  • Now the challenge level includes the difficulty.
  • Challenge level adjustment in order to create a more interesting challenge for the player.
  • Fixed some related bugs on AI.
  • Aiming by the left is temporarily disabled while improving the character's IK.
  • Now you can't train the last civilian in the bunker.
  • Fixed the bug related to the updates, now it works fine.
  • Some adjustment to max units at the same time, to avoid performance hitccups
  • Minor Bugs
  • And much more on future patches!

Additionally, we are working on the auto-resolve feature that let the easy battles be done without wasting time  Eg. when you have 20 soldiers and fight against 3 raiders. These kind of battles have no sense at this point, so we believe player doesn't need to waste time them. Just focus in the good ones. Once we have this feature totally balanced and tested, we'll update it in the next update! 

We really hope you enjoy these new improvements. If you find any bug, please tell us right here or through our Discord Server. 

Project Blockchainz - Discord

Thanks a lot for all the support you are bringing to us. It's great to know how do you feel about Project BlockChainZ. 


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Feb 19, 2019
[Old Version] Project BlockChainz 1.0.2b.zip 319 MB
Feb 19, 2019

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