[BzLog 9]: Future is now. Concept Arts


Hi all,

As you might know, Project BlockchainZ is a concept game and it works as a big blank canvas to create a much more interesting game. These days we've been working a lot in the concept of the environment and the city where the game takes place.

Project BlockchainZ - Concept Art
Soldier in solitude

When we started developing the video game, we had the idea to create a huge city completely ruined by thousands of years of struggling. It would be a desolated scenario to play. We believe the city will improve the concept of the worldmap, and the player will experience what means to walk around a place devastated and crowded of terrible menaces. 

Project BlockchainZ - Concept Art
A huge city

One of the most important things about this city is to turn it into a interesting battlefield where the player has to survive, fight , hide, explore...

Project BlockchainZ - Concept Art
Ruined city

 We're talking about a moment far in the future after of centuries of conflict when people have no hopes, no dreams, no food. And not only because of the nature's cruelty, but the human malice. This mega city will be strongly divided in factions and parties, and not only the zombie becomes a menace, but also those who are supposed to be on your side.


We are working so hard in the identity of every faction. Confrontation among factions in a shattered world, a place to die, a battlefield. Seems like a pretty cool idea, it will be plenty of inhabitants, some enemies and others that might cooperate.      


Project BlockchainZ - Concept Art                                   


One of the most important things we imagine about a post-apocalyptic world is to understand the desperation and also the complete desolation the few people alive could ever feel. It's our main purpose to create this devastated environment in order to enrich the idea of the  inhabitants. And we really want to develop it with you and all the community and of course share the improvements each week.

Project BlockchainZ - Concept Art

What do you think about this concepts?  How do you imagine each faction in this ruined world concept? Remember that we are still working on the zombie/monster idea, and we want to develop a new kind of creature that you might love. Anyway, don't forget to give us some feedback! All suggestion are welcome.

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i have a small idea, reputation with factions (excluding zombies, their jerks) basicly, all factions would have a reputation with eachother, and most importantly, you.  there would be things like bias (people in good faith with you value your actions more as good than bad, while the opposite is true for other factions. this could also mean faction wars, small shootouts between factions that you can fight in, or ignore alltogeather (but adrenaline might cause a small party to head to the nearest outpost or whatever, which may or may not be yours) participating in these would allow you to wipe out faction A (earning points with faction B), wipeout faction B (earning you points with faction A), or wipe out both, losing points for both factions, but earning double rewards from that battle. there might even be possibility for the ability to give simple commands to a certain faction's troops, given you have enough affinity with them.


i would also like to see guns that shoot saws that richoche and hit everything, severing limbs and stuff, but also damaging everyone, including you and your faction. you could also implement combat hatchets, which are good for both melee and throwing.

Hi Adam!

Thanks for the feedback. It is really nice to know your idea about factions. We've been thinking in something quite like similar with the factions, indeed. Reputation among them is a very powerfull skill we wanna explore. BTW, we are going to share your idea in our Discord Server, so please feel free to come in and participate in the discussion.

PS.: Do you like these concepts, so?

Project BlockchainZ - Discord

Thanks for sharing:)

Hey Linda! Hope you like these concepts. If you have any suggestion, feel free to comment us, just over here and also on our Discordserver!

Looks promising! I would love to see more :)

Thanks for the feedback! Stay close, 'cause new updates will come very, very soon ;)