FallNation Release Announcement

It's a huge pleasure to announce that the prototype of FallNation, our post-apocalyptic video game , is now free downloadable in itch.io!

After spending a lot of time working so hard on developing this video game, it's now the moment to share it with you guys. We need as much feedback as possible in order to achieve the best gameplay. And that's why we encourage you all to join us on our Discord Server. We are opening an special channel for feedback, bug's report and suggestions. Hope you can help us!

Fallnation - Discord Server

PROTOTYPE NOTE: This is a prototype, we try to make the experience as clean and complete as possible, but there will much things susceptible to change and other that we will added later on. In any case feel free to chat with us so we can develop a nice game where we can have a good time! We have implemented a feedback tool so you can report feedback directly to us with the F12 

What is FallNation?

FallNation is a free-roaming army based RPG adventure mixing a Worldmap stage and FPS battlefield with Real Time Tactics in the middle of an apocalyptic event where the future of the mankind depends on a few and what they do. Inspired by The Total War and Mount&Blade Saga and many boards games, FallNation develops its own plot in a worldmap view dominated by different factions. Player will start in the middle of nowhere, with a few soldiers by his side, and a clear goal, complete a Great Project before is too late. The character will have to use all possible resources and try to provide relieve for Kamau, a huge and vast continent in the middle of an undisclosed point.

The Mission. Great Projects

FallNation is a protocol that must be activated when there is no more options. It is a last resort, of an unknown worldwide organization that will try to stop the doomsday event before it is too late. As an Agent, you will be deployed in Kamau in a mission to stop the end, you will need to gather an army, forge alliances, train your soldiers and then lead them into the battlefield in order to avoid the doomsday. There will be a Great Projects that you must complete in order to succeed. Be wary of the events that are about to come. You have to be capable to manage every situation on your own behalf. The Doomsday Clocks are ticking...

Fallnation - Worldmap

Unlike other similar games, and in addition to the zombies/enemies rushing over you, when facing an encounter and enter the "battle mode", there will be more than fighting. In the battle map, there will be different objectives to achieve: rescue civilians, loot warehouses, collect resources ... 

All of this makes much more sense due to a mechanic that will be one of the very best of FallNation: The Apocalypse Clocks. These clocks will be modified by our actions during the game and the more altered they are, the more dangerous things will become.


  • Worldmap Base with army management.
  • Colony trading: resources and technologies.
  • First Person Shooter View.
  • Tactical View for Troop Management.
  • Real Time Strategy.
  • Defensive elements and traps deployment.
  • RPG evolution
  • ...


Fallnation video game is an ambitious project from the ARF Initiative, Follow us for Further Missions and news about the development. And please do be part of our amazing Discord community by sharing your feedback and suggestions. The more help you bring to us, the better video game will be.

FallNation - Discord

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OK, LOVE IT! Very nice work, guys! Im following you since Project Blockchainz and GameDev forums. Too much time quiet but it worth it!