FallNation First Steam Closed Alpha Test

Hello everybody!

This is FivexGames Studio Developer currently working on FallNation video game. Today we have the huge pleasure to announce our First Steam Closed Alpha Test. After the success of the FallNation Prototype release on itch.io and Gamejolt with amazing results, we are here again to give you the opportunity to take part in the first hand of Steam Closed Alpha Version, and its development!

NOTE: FallNation is a military simulation sandbox in a post apocalyptic world, inspired by campaign map games, developing its plot in a world dominated by different factions and positioning the main character in the middle of a conflict between them and the undead. Our character will have to use all the resources at his disposal to survive, gather an army and try to save the region of Kamau. (In the prototype is an island)

Which is different from the Prototype?

Well, the first thing is that it will be released on Steam instead of other platforms, also we have included new human units like the shotgunner or the peacekeeper (melee) which you can use, but in overall the differences is that what is avalaible through the alphas, betas and experiences are more developer content, and some of them will be focused in elements of the game and others will be general gameplay experiences. In each release we will indicate the overall content of the release.

So, What will you find in FallNation Closed Alpha Test?

You will find a general overview of the game (in its current alpha state) with new humans and improvements, since it's our first deployment on steam we have made a big effort on bug solving and preparing Steam related stuff.

Once you start playing FallNation you must treat yourself as an agent in the middle of nowhere ready to accomplish your crucial mission. But to do this, you must recruit an army, improve your skills, turn your enemies into your allies or destroy them, all in order to complete your mission: save Kamau from its faith and thus get rid of everything that consumes it... corruption, infection and undeaths. Yes, we are referring to zombies, big hordes, one of the most differentiating points in the game.

Note that you will play an early stage of development game, so there might be some bugs and issues. in order to provide us the best feedback possible, you'll be able to press key "F11" while playing so a new window will e displayed where you can write some feedback. That will be very appreciated and ill help us a lot.

Why a Steam Closed Alpha Test?

We love creating games that can improve players entertainment. A good game is a funny one. And that's why we are introducing this Steam Closed Alpha Test.

We target Steam as our main deployment platform due to its reach and friendly customer experience and also because we need to gather all the feedback possible in the target deployment target, and with this is also a great opportunity to let you guys to provide ideas and feedback in order to improve the gameplay, we are eager to receive feedback!. This is a big chance in how we release the game and we  want to work together with yo guys in this game development.

How can I get a FallNation Steam Closed Alpha Key Code?

In order to take part of the Steam Closed Alpha and so get a Game key Code for testing/discovering we will offer you two different ways:

  • Join our Discord Official Server
    1. Come into #sign-up-alpha channel. 
    2. We we'll send you a private message with your Key Code when the Alpha is on air. (DISCORD IMAGE WITH LINK)
  • Visit fallnationgame.com.
    1. Sign up our Web Form.
    2. If you are selected, we will send you a new e-mail with your game key

How can I send you my feedback?

There will be two ways that you may use to provide feedback:

  1. Through #fn-first-alpha channel on our Discord Server.
  2. Through the video game itself, by pressing key "F11".
  3. Through our Steam Community HUB. 


How long will it last this FallNation Closed Alpha Test in Steam?

It will start next Wednesday 13th May and finish the 20th May.

Will it be any reward for the FallNation Alpha Testers?

Yes, it will. Because you will become a crucial part in the game development, we want to offer you a preferred access to future events,tests and experiences, so keep the key you received it will allow you to have it. Also we are working or more rewards in future events.

REWARD: Preferred access

Is there any limit of alpha testers?

Yes, it is. We will give game key codes to the very first users.

One last thing

The FallNation Steam Closed Alpha Test will start next Wednesday 13th May and will be available until 20th May. If you have any doubt or suggestion, don't hesitate to contact us through our DISCORD SERVER and STEAM COMMUNITY HUB.

Sign Up First Alpha

FallNation Alpha


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Apr 22, 2020

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