Play FallNation Alpha Experience in the Steam Game Festival

Play FallNation Alpha Experience in the Steam Game Festival 2020

From 16th June to 22th June.

Dear agents,

We are exciting to announce our participation in the Steam Games Festival 2020. You will have the opportunity to play our Alpha Experience, enjoy our game streamings and catch up with us at the Chat Events.


FallNation is a military simulation sandbox in a chaotic world including major disasters like a zombie outbreak, inspired by campaign map games, developing its plot in a world dominated by different factions and positioning the main character in the middle of a conflict between them and the undead. Our character will have to use all the resources at his disposal to survive, gather an army and try to save the region of Kamau. (In the Alpha Experience it will take in an island part of Kamau)


What will you find in this FallNation Alpha Experience?

In FallNation Alpha experience you will enjoy part of the gameplay experience that conforms the Full Game Fallnation. It is an immersive gaming experience in a turbulent environment full of deadly threats, where the future depends on you.

 The FallNation action takes place in the distant Kamau region, a completely independent continent and nation that as one of many disasters, has suffered a strange infection that has contaminated its inhabitants. This contagious disease causes cardiac arrest, death, and neuronal resumption with severe behavioral abnormalities; It is known as "The Red Death".

The virus has spread infecting part of the population, this has caused the start of a civil war and its division into different factions that fight for survival. And here you come in, as a gubernamental operative and the leader of this operation you will be able to conquer regions, manage resources, recruit troops and deploy with them into the battlefield to complete the different objectives.

But, you know? Raw-Deads aren’t the biggest threat you will encounter in Kamau, but humanity. Different factions fighting to keep control and dominance of Kamau. Among them there are (i) bloody bandits, (ii) the anarchists who fight against any structured government, (iii) the Hammer Society, a militarized force that aims to eradicate anyone suspicious to be infected, (iv) The URF a scission of the hammer, (v) the desperate Civilians or (vi) the Dominion, the old government that once ruled the continent.

 And in this way your adventure will begin. You will be able to make your own decisions: create factions, lead your team of soldiers, complete challenging missions such as the liberation of prisoners of war, the destruction of infected places, obtaining valuable resources and a long etcetera.

 In FallNation you’ll enjoy uniques and originals mechanics, a full of missions campaign map, multiples resources to build traps and tools on the battlefield in order to make your strategy and different opportunities so you can enjoy your own adventure as you want. 

How can I participate in the FallNation Alpha Experience?

Nice and simple! Access Steam Game Festival with your login and look for us. Pick us and download.

When and how can I enjoy your Streaming Event?

We Will be streaming the game next Tuesday 9th June at 7pm UK time. You can enjoy the streaming on Steam.

You seem so funny! When and how can I chat with you?

When the streaming event starts (9th june at 7pm UK time), you can chat with us through Steam too.

Are you ready to enjoy this adventure?

Don’t forget to add FallNation to your Steam wishlist.

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