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Note: This prototype product will continue its development on Steam, if you want to see the progression, please check our steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1202920/FallNation/

FallNation is a free-roaming army based RPG adventure mixing a Worldmap stage and FPS battlefield with Real Time Tactics in the middle of an apocalyptic environment where the future of the mankind depends on you.

Note: FallNation is still in development. You can play FallNation Alpha Experience on Steam during Steam Game Festival. Feel free to download and play it and don't forget to give us your feedback and suggestions.

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FallNation is the protocol that must be activated when no hope is left. It is the last resort, used by an unknown organization that will try to stop doomsday before it is too late. As an Agent, you will have access to its facilities and resources in a mission to stop the end. You will also need to gather an army, forge alliances, train your soldiers and then lead them into battle to avoid doomsday.  

There will be Great Projects that you must complete in order to succeed. Be wary of the events that are yet to come. You must be capable managing every situation on your own. The Doomsday Clocks is ticking...

   Worldmap gameplay with army management.
  • Colony trading: resources and technologies.
  • First Person Shooter View.
  • Tactical View for Troop Management.
  • Real Time Strategy.
  • Defensive elements and traps deployment.
  • RPG evolution
  • Much more!

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StatusIn development
Release date Mar 24, 2020
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorARF Initiative
GenreAction, Adventure, Role Playing, Shooter, Strategy, Survival
Made withUnity
Tags3D, First-Person, Singleplayer, Zombies
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Community, Homepage

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high hopes for this game


why put this on itch io if I CANT DOWNLOAD IT

spent days looking for a game i heard was in development 3 years ago, super excited to see if it was released/was close to finished. in 3 years the game had to have come so far right? my dead grandma has made more progress decomposing than you have progressed in the creation of this game. if ur going to abandon a project, release what you already have.


Been waiting for 2 years. Still not here

looks like a dead game. devs keep kicking the can down the road and giving little to no info. i was really looking forward to testing this out but guess i'll just move on to something else. def wouldn't give this dude your money until the game is out and patched (because you know it's going to be riddled with bugs on launch, if it gets there). 


Will the game be free?

i siged up

i cant donwload

The game is under development and currently we aren't not in a beta period. If you want to participate in a future beta, you can sign-up here: https://fallnationgame.com/fallnation-first-alpha-products-test-key-request/

2020 is almost over you got a 2 months till that 2020 dead line is up.

its 2022 now. they are taking long

Yes they are, it is far bast over due. When I posted the message, it was 2020.

why can't i download it, where is the download link

not relesed yet

 under devlopment i mean

ah ok you got a discord?

so is this like Rust?


Not really. Tust is focusing in surviving, which is great. FallNation is about living your own adventure, and you can not only explore different places, but also conquer them. There's a big plague of zombies around this post-apocaliptic world and also some factions that want to conquer your territories. 

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ok  kewl thanks for responding 


So I playtested the new 1.2.0 Version (haven't played any version before).
First of all to not sound insulting I really love zombies and I love M&B, I see what you did there and I really LOVE it. I am a little coder and modder myself so I know how hard it can be to put up a game like this. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of fighting against zombies in this game.

I would suggest some additions/changes:

- The UI itself is great, but there is still much information missing.
What do the three bars below soldiers in taverns mean?
Why are the Recruits costing different amounts of money when they are all the same?
I also suggest you to add the extraction point location to the Soldier Advanced Tactics TAB so you can order your soldiers to move and clear the path for you with ease. Or maybe even reveal the whole map with no Fog of War as it feels very weird seeing only like 20 meters far according to the map.

- What is the purpose of actually upgrading POI's?

- The gameplay itself feels very clipped.
There aren't really animation switching animations (going from walking to running, going into a ready mode while shooting a reloading shotgun) and the Human AI all immediately do 180~ turns (every one of them) once one of them decides to shoot at a target. Animations play too long and there are no controls to check whether you can still fire or not. Like check if you are still in a reload animation state of a shotgun, and if you press left-click play the pump-animation first and don't shoot yet (Action 1) and then afterwards you can press left-clickt o shoot (Action 2)

- Why am I getting attacked by 10 Men Soldiers when I have 35 Soldiers (also sad that it's limited to that number   I had to find out the hard way by wasting charisma) (missing indicator). I know that Zombies can always do that because that is their purpose but Humans shouldn't be that willingly to die. (If Party = Human check difference and add some run-away behaviour)

- Horde Spawning.
I understand that a core mechanic of this game is like: "Do too much noise and you will be eradicated by the Zombie Horde."
As much as I like that mechanic, it needs some little rework. First of all it seems really random. Sometimes Hordes triggered like 3 times in a row from one magazine I shot.
At some fights I had against other human enemies my men died to a horde of zombies because at the beginning of the battle some enemies were like going nuts with their surrounding zombies. That felt bad. There was little to nothing I could to about that.
Some little changes and less probability would not hurt.

Also please fix Horde spawns in Cities. I had one Horde spawner right next to an objective of doing that explosives thing and I was unable to even place these (idk what I have to do there but there was no interaction whatsoever near that non-solid propane tank backyard military camp and then suddenly non-stop Hordes were coming in like 3 meters next to it and my men wouldn't even shoot (They even did not shoot for the entire mission). At the end I had to suicide because there is no escape/run away feature at this game.

Add a way to escape battles once you are inside them that are having some consequences but prevent me from losing everything because I am unable to finish it.

Also if possible MAYBE add some Cheats or stuff like that. I like fooling around in games like these and have some nice epic cinematic battles of watching my soldiers do the work. Some God-Mode, Map-Teleportation, Infinite Ammo, Money and maybe Skill Points would be enough for that.

There is a way to escape battle when you're in one, but you need to wait 10 minutes or so to escape.

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So about game...

This game is good zombie FPS game. I like the game, but there are some things to be added or changed.

So I would change boxes. They are not mentioned in tutorial that they can be looted, but also they have got weird texture when looted. Please change that.

Then, I would add some things that would improve gameplay. So first I would add more types of zombies like Acid Spitter, Runner, Heavy, and more. Then I would like to add something like dealing with the price at merchants. And lastly, Airdrops, that could fall on island and then you can grab it.

And lastly, I found some arrow chilling above map, don't know why it is there.


We love to hear that you like it! Secondly thanks for taking your time to post the feedback, 

We read carefully the feedback and if you don't mind we will  go point by point.

The crates with supplies , yes,  it was hard to understand it, so  we added a tip in the loading screen about it (You can check it in the already released version, 1.1.0). About the weird looted box, we will add it to the TODO so we can solve it as soon as possible!

About including more zombies, yes definitively, and it is exactly one of the things that we are working on it. To be more precise we are working in adding two new types of zombies and more variety of normal ones in the next version. (We will add much more variety in the future, but progressively)

The merchant dealing prices, economics, skills, deep RPG... is in our plans and we will try to do it as soon as possible, but it may take some time, but for sure that dealing with merchants (and other humans),  and much more we will be included.

About the airdrop (In our design document we call it encounters) right now there is only one basic encounter ships full of infected arriving to the coast, we will add some new encounters like the airdrop in the following versions! 

About the yellow arrow I guess it was a "gizmo" to show the light direction. We added to the bug list, (We will remove it)

Also we are working hard to add much more things (in the last version we include the conquering, new missions and the RTT player movement  and some basic improvements in the RPG stats, besides the bug fixing), 

Stay tuned! we will be releasing new versions with nice improvements, and if you have any other feedback we will appreciate it a lot!

PS: If you want  to check the last version, we posted a devlog about it -> Devlog version 1.1.0

Thank you! <<<3

Impressive game. Good job, keep working!

After playing a while I like the concept of a FPS with some tactics and a big map to explore. I understand that is a prototype and you need to keep working so I will keep an eye on the progression!.  

Surely I  will recommend it to some friends, in the other hand I like the idea of controlling an army but I miss some progression in the soldiers, and also more enemies, like a fast enemy.... 

About the hordes I will like to see them more disperse instead of coming in a line, not sure how you can solve it, but I think it will feel much more interesting if the zombies comes from everywhere!

Keep working, this looks pretty nice!

Thanks NichoMath, to play the gave and give us some feedback, it's nice to see that you enjoy it, and also thanks for referring us!

About the soldier progression we have it in our TODO list, and also we want to add new types of soldiers, but first we are focusing on the zombies side, we will add it, but give us some time and stay tuned!

About the movement of the hordes, we are currently working in a new spawn system and some AI improvements, so you will be able to check it in future versions :)

And yes! We will keep working as hard as possible to develop a great game!

Hi! Is funny, feels good. There is a way to recruit different soldiers?

Of course it is! You can recruit them in the settlements and cities. There come in into the tavern and loof for recruits ;) What's the thing you like the most in FallNation??

I have seen recruit panel on taverns, but seems to be the same soldier. It's because is a prototype? there will be more?

And the thing I most like is the RTT panel. I think that is very original on a fps game. I really like it

Hey Please please can you make this game available on mac?

Oh, Mr. Sharpp! You really wanna play FallNation! It's good to know! Right now the priority is in the Windows version, but developing a build for Mac is on the list. Will tkae us a while, but stay close! You can join our Discord Server and share your impressions with us!

Can i play this game online? Co-op Multiplayer Zombies Waves Survival Mode?

If only you could... that would be awesome! But that's not in our priority list atm. First step is to get the best quality Version for Windows. Later, adapt it into Mac. And we'll see then!


I want to play it, but I'm not sure if my computer can run it


Hey! Please tell us what's your PC and will tell you the Game Requirements! :) 

Thank you! I have a i5 3570, 8 Gb RAM and NVIDIA GTX 760

Yes! FallNation runs in your PC. (Remember, at the moment only on Windows SO). If you have some problem write us! 

Perfect! downloading... :)


I was eager to play the new Mount and Blade but the price is too high, anyway this looks promising, I will post a more detailed review when I can play it more time.

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Hey NichoMath! Thanks for the comments. You aren't the first player telling us about that game. We like to treat ourselves as a more adventure-survival focused game, because of the zombies, you know! Please, do send us your feedback when you play it. It would be really useful. in fact, you can press F12 while playing the prototype so a small window will pop-up in the game and you can send us your feedback directly.

I have played some time and I will send feedback with some cool ideas I have! Thanks.


Hi guys, I made a video of your game.
Hope you like it. I'm following you guys since Project blockchainz and this is a big improve. Congrats!

Very nice video, soldier! It's good to hear that there are still players coming from Project BlockchainZ. As you can see, there is quite a lot of improvements around FallNation! Enjoy, please!


RTS where you are fighting zombies, with FPS in it? Looks like one of the games I always wanted, and for FREE. Downloading rn

IT'S A YES! RTS soldiers always in our team. Play it RN and feel the pleasure of facing zombies!


It's you against the same zombie replicated xD Assuming it's an alpha version and graphics need to be improved, gameplay is very cool. Game crashes in minute 20, but it's ok for now. Are you updating the build? Will be interesting to add more weapons. Building feature is awesome.


Like the game. I played Project BlockchainZ and this looks better. When will you release the full game??


#Like! Project BlockchainZ had a very nice welcome and we cannot  forget how much y'all guys helped us with your feedback and suggestions. Right now FallNation is just a prototype and depending on your new feedback and all your suggests, game will be released sooner or later. Obviouysly, we want it as soon as possible, but we also wanna give you the best quality game. 

So stay close! Big news and updates are coming!



I love it

And we LOVE your video, soldier! Thanks a lot for showing it to us. Hope you are enjoying the prototype and please keep in touch, news and updates are about to come!


I loved Project BlockchainZ, and I really wanna play this, any ideas when/if it might be available on mac?


And we loved PB-Z too. It was our very first step and the reason why FallNation is now here. Right now we are improving so much this Windows version. Once this version looks as amazing as we expect, we will work on the Mac version. It will take us a while, but we eventually handle it, of course! 

Thanks for the comment, tn2199!


Thank you so much for the reply, cant wait to play when it's ready :)

Hey bro can you give us approx time when it will be ready for mAc? And please make 64bit because now cavatina doesn't support 32bit app Thank you, I will surely wait for this game 

Hey there Soldier! Thanks for the comments. Creating a build for Mac is in our list, but right now we are prioritizing the Windows Build with all the feedback achieved. As soon as we can handle it, we will develop a build for Mac, but it will take us a while. Stay close, please. News and updates are about to come!


I can't seem to progress aa ;__; i rly want to try but the game keeps crashing on the first tutorial battle. I can't flee because they keep catching up. I managed to snag the crash folder contents before they got deleted from temp when the handler crashed. Idk if it's any help but i'll drop it here FallNation Crash Dump


Hi Minnie, thanks for the interest!

We are have good news!, there is a new version available 1.0.1 which we believe it solves the problem. Anyway we also recommend to update any driver to it latest version.

We wish you can play it now :)


Thanks for the quick update! Gonna try this now. I double checked and the graphics drivers are up-to-date. ^^


Hey! I was playing the game for a while and I have some feedback for you guys! Gameplay: The zombies when they hit you melee automatically stand behind you in the blind spot of the camera and to be spinning around yourself tidal, is the most common and biggest failure. The weapon animations and hand-to-hand combat is the most polished thing I've seen in the alpha, the jump responds well and ducks too.
Graphics: mixes counter strike and fallout ideas that always attracts, but the environment does not offer feeling of overwhelm or loneliness, the level of the structures is very flat and textures are missing in both buildings and vehicles, the best achieved is nature, and the weapons themselves. Sometimes zombies 3 meters high come out, I assumed they were more difficult enemies to beat but no, it is a graphic bug. It reminds me of a 2008/09 game graphically speaking.
Sound: 3 different styles of music that you have been able to hear (war, Gregorian chant and opera) are intermingled on the game's menus screen, they are heard on top of each other and end up saturating. There is a very suitable piano theme which is what I would leave for the menus. In game you can only hear the weapons and the zombies and in that aspect everything is fine, but there is no tension music or sounds of the background zombies to create the ideal atmosphere.
Honesty: many problems when starting the game and crushea 2 out of 3 times. The idea of tactics and real-time battle is fine, but graphically it needs a lot of polishing to create the overwhelming atmosphere of a zombie survival game.
ps: thanks for the alpha! ^^

Oh dear, what a feedback, guys!

You'd probably been playing FallNation for more than a while... and we can't be happier! Thanks a lot, we really appreciate it. 

We know there is still much work to do in order to create the perfect solitude sensation for a soldier, but we also wanna create that pretty cool feeling when you face the enemy with your mates, your honest soldiers ready to die for you. There's a certain enemy we all need to face in FallNation, but not all the population is ready to help us. Yeah, we are talking about factions. Do not worry at this moment. They will eventually appear in the middle of the worldmap and you will need to face them too.

By the way! This is the first step of a huge proccess in order to create the best gameplay for FallNation and do not hesitate that we gonna make it with the help of your feedback.



I just finish to play the prototype. I have to say that I can see a lot of potencial here. I enjoyed the game a lot but I felt that I miss sa lot of mechanics that are not ready to show as I see.

I would love to see more of RTT, I think is something that will make that this game rocks. I tried to make strategies with the RTT but it has to be depured. 

On the other hand, I like the progression, how my army grows and I really enjoy the hordes!! 

The island is huge, there´re a lot of tasks, missions and a lot of stuff to do in the towns so the adventure could be great in the next steps of the game. So yeah, the potencial is there, I guess I have to wait more time to see a full game that sure I will enjoy. 

Good job with this guys, maybe this is the better game that is released in this page. 

Oh boy! Thanks for the feedback, really useful right now!
FallNation is a work in progress prototype, and we are so agree with you about the RTT thing. The more RTT situations, the better gameplay. But, in order to get all the gameplay sensation and understand how awesome this game is gonna be, let's wait a few weeks and see the many updates we will introduce along the month!



Hello! VERY BIG fan here!

Just wanted to ask for something because it makes the game so unplayable, i die the first battle with the 4 zombies(btw please make sure that that group doesnt start with titans! I ran out of ammo because i couldnt aim due to the problem). The problem being....... actually difficult to categorise.... it's something between optimisation and player control. Anyway, basically my pc is too shit to run the game, it lags so much i cant aim, everything i do is done half a second to a full 2 seconds after i press the button and so on. Thus(ly) ,i would like to request a graphics option to change the game quality. Simply grass density and render distance and a framerate cap is too little, something like model quality, dimension chooser ( 800x600, 1920x980 etc) render distance for EVERYTHING (buildings,ground,zombies etc (could be done with a mist effect)) and other similar settings.

TLDR: I need actual graphics options orelse my pc is too shit to play the game.

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HEY BIG FAN! Nice to e-meet you!

It's amazing to see that you've been playing FallNation prototype. We know killing zombies might be harder tahn expected, but note this is a first step prototype and we will eventually manage different range levels to play, so do not worry at all ;)

About that little small issue with the PC, do not argue with it, please! Right now FallNation Prototype only does not support lower resolutions (working on it!), but there's a trick: open settings window and select windowed, then scale the window. That should work for now, but let us know what did happen (curiosity mode sets on!).

Love your PC, it's the best way to kill zombies through FallNation!


Hey! BIG FAN 2: Electric Boogaloo

Tried the window minimising thing and ... it didn't work. It helped a ton, allowed me to kill the titan zombies and actually allow me to go beyond the 'tutorial' and go after a small horde. I love the RTS mechanics and how there are 'extra' zombies on the map that aren't part of the horde, i also love how you can find boxes that you can loot, very cool and good implementations! Just need to work on optimisation and you got me hooked! Till then, i'll help by randomly checking my itch.io feed :P

Hello big soldier! 

Thanks a lot for the feedback again. It's a pitty that the window minimising thing didn't work. Your PC is resisting the Zombie hordes, btw! 

Optimizing is one of our main priorities, and that will include a huge graphic improvement that we eventually manage. Also, zombie types will change. And yeah, RTS is something we did know from the very first moment we start designing this game that must be added! Please do not hesitate to post all the comments you need, we'll be pleased to answer you. Every soldier demands a good answer.

Please, do continue with the mission!


It’s a f@@k awesome this gameplay!! Waiting for the preorder. 👌


Oh boy! Thanks a lot for the comment, epifonia! We are working so hard on FallNation so you can erase as much zombies as possible in the same battle. Hope you can enjoy all of the main features!