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Motor Strike: Racing Rampage is an explosive racing experience full of speed and destruction, get ready for the ultimate rampage of bullets, gasoline and nitrous oxide, release the gas and pull the trigger, and let’s burn some rubber! 

Races and chaos for everyone

Full options to find that sweet spot between the fun and the ultimate mayhem! Choose your race, circuit, grab your unique car and let’s begin the party!

Make a wish even better a Wishlist!

Big guns, big opportunities

Grab your minigun, your laser cannon or whatever big gun you prefer and teach those amateurs the real taste of some lead in the chasis.

With friends it looks better

Just play with your friends in the 4 split screen mode or up to 8 crazy racers through the online mode! Well I guess friendship is not forever

Is tough but there is no way they are gonna win you, sacrifices must be made!

Racing with style, drifting like a pro!

The best way to go from A to B is by drifting all the way! And release the dragon boost and left behind that schmucks. They will taste some fresh deceive!

A party without big explosions is not a real party

So here they are some crispy homing missiles ready to make some BOOMS!

Are you hurt? GOOD! Show us your pain we are improving it! So just call Saul I mean Discord

We have made a Discord just to gather feedback from the community and offer support! We know that handling too many explosions may be hard. 

What the… are those green thingies in the road?

Well they prefer to be called minions (Union stuff) and they are here just to annoy you. Do you remember the big guns? …

At least but not least what you have been looking for! a feature list, just for you my lovely bots, I mean for you totally real humans beings…

  • Mote than 20 folly tracks in six types of circuits!
  • 14 insane vehicles with unique style and skills.
  • Your race, your rules!, up to 7 different directives to make each race unique.
  • Compete on your way: Quick race,Legend modeStrike Cup mode, multiple choices to enjoy the rush!
  • 7 different weapons to combat your friends.
  • You have problems with the drive behind you? No problem, use the Strike back!
  • The AI is too slow, just take the control and teach them a lesson with the Rolling Strike!
  • Let’s be the winner in the Local Mode competition with split screen (up to 4 friends)!
  • Enjoy the Meet and Destroy Online Mode! Make some new enemies (or friends, it’s up to you!), slain them and win the race (up to 6 players).

BONUS: Well well this looks like a ROADMAP!

We will be adding to the features list the elements that are confirmed in the final release of Motor Strike: Racing Rampage, right now we are working on:

Currently in progress

  • Improve physics reactions
  • Improve Performance for low specs computers
  • Improve Scenarios
  • Increase number of cars
  • Increase number of guns
  • Reworks AI of enemies
  • Improve Illumination of scenarios

Under Consideration

  • Battle and arena Modes
  • Increase number of circuits
  • Interchangeable special skills of cars

Crazy ideas

  • Circuits events such as a deaths star of a giant worms just as some examples
  • Gymkhana mode
  • Survival mode
  • ...much more!

Demo Patch Notes:

Version: Demo_v1.0.0  

  • Release

Version: Demo_v1.0.1  

  • File Put inside a folder to avoid problem when uncompressing .zip file.
  • Corrected a bug were sometime the items show as "Purchasable" when they aren't
  • Updated buttons in the online room to a more comprehensible names and more logical arrangement
  • Small adjustments to weapons and muzzles
  • Small adjustments to car shadows
  • Updated name of scene Mountain To Neon Vulcan Ride
  • Added a Steam Wishlist button on menu
  • Small Adjustments to road textures
  • Corrected a problem related to the weapons that may affect performance


Motor Strike Racing Rampage Demo_v1.0.1.zip 263 MB
Motor Strike Racing Rampage Demo_v1.0.0.zip 263 MB

Development log


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Nice game! I really like the cars :) 


Funny! I also played the steam demo, the circuits feels different, and the graphics settings are welcome XD 


Very good! Remember the old days!