Devlog 3 How to: Base Mechanics [Motor Strike: Racing Rampage]

Main Skills: 

Motor Strike Sceenshoot Missile Incoming

Speed, but careful!: You have to be fast, but be aware the straight lines are the worse place to be the first! You should take advantage of the curves and the turbo zones to take advantage before they focus you

Weapons: The weapons can deal a huge amount of damage in a short time, you should take into consideration how to avoid your enemies guns and how to take advantage of your own weapons. Additionally weapons are the only way to deal with the minions, and if you don't they will be big pain! You have fast low damage weapons, slow big damage, area weapons...

Missiles All the car has this skill, you can use the missiles to kill the enemy in front of you, but remember you need to lock in first and that would advice your enemy that you are targeting him, so take it into account. 

Shields:  All the car has this skill also, it will deploy a short duration shield that will stop any incoming missile but be aware  that it has a cooldown!

Special skills: Each car has a unique special skill, just learn what it does at use it into your benefit, it could be a  multiple missile strike, a life insurance, a laser beam... 

Motor Strike Sceenshoot Missile Incoming 2

Drifting and turbo:

Drifting: All the cars can drift it you hold the accelerator +brake + steering. Drifting will help with the hardest curves maintaining or even increasing your speed! and if you keep it enough time it will load the turbo gauge.

Motor Strike Sceenshoot Turbo

Turbo: The cars in Motor Strike are fast but that is not enough, so you can use the turbo to go even faster, there are 3 ways' to obtain this turbo, the first is passing by the turbo boosters in the track. The second one is by drifting enough time and that will let you go faster, the third one is if the turbo ramps directive is enabled there will be ramps all over the track that will allow 

Destroying, healing and respawning:

Destroying: To destroy a rival hard you have to deal enough damage so there life reachs  0, when this happens the car will explode forcing a 3-5 seconds respawn.

HealingThere is NOT  auto-heal, so you need to manage a way to recover your heal the main way is by passing through the healing hearts that are spawn during the track, also some special skills can heal, like the Mystery Boxes or the Life insurance.

Respawning: You will die, but then what?, well you will respawn in the middle of the race after a few seconds ready for the revenge!

Motor Strike Sceenshoot Car Exploding

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