Devlog 2 New Version Demo_1.0.1, gameplay video and neon style

We have release today a new version for the demo! 


This new demo solve some minur issues realted with the easy of use of the demo including having the downloable inside a folder or improved names for the online Room.

Patch notes:

  • File Put inside a folder to avoid problem when uncompressing .zip file.
  • Corrected a bug were sometime the items show as "Purchasable" when they aren't
  • Updated buttons in the online room to a more comprehensible names and more logical arrangement
  • Small adjustments to weapons and muzzles
  • Small adjustments to car shadows
  • Updated name of scene Mountain To Neon Vulcan Ride
  • Added a Steam Wishlist button on menu
  • Small Adjustments to road textures
  • Corrected a problem related to the weapons that may affect performance

Gameplay Video 

With the release of the demo patch we have prepare a video to show a race in a neon style scene (One of many styles).

Neon Style

The neon style is a style that inspired in the neon lights (Glowing light by the use of electrified glass tubes filled with gases that ionizes the gas and emits strong light). The neon style is a strong saturated style that fit perfect with high speed races and chaos, also is one of the styles that are strong because of the boom of the cyberpunk themed games. 

Moreover the neon style has a perfect match with the low poly style that allow us to enfatice the faces of the models and show a strong visual experience.

The neon style is not just an art style but also it has music that adds a lot of deep like the synthwave music we have change how the songs are played for the scenes and instead of selecting a random one, each track/style will have its own thermalized soundtrack.

Follow us we have a lot to show you!


Motor Strike Racing Rampage 263 MB
Dec 03, 2020

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