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Important Note

Interactive tour of FallNation worldmap
FallNation video game will be available soon. Meanwhile, you can have a look of this interactive tour about the worldmap that will be included on Fall Nation.

In this interactive tour you can explore the worldmap using a LR-IS drone and if you succeed you will be rewarded with a secret prize for FallNation.

FallNation is a free-roaming army based RPG, mixing a worldmap-board game with Third Person Shooter battles and Real Time Tactics in a post-apocalyptic world where the survival of the mankind depends on you.   

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G-108 RM
The firsts days following the FallNation protocol activation, several model IS Exploration LR-Drones model IS were launched into different locations to find the best candidate to implement the protocol.

After the CAT-5 EOWE (End Of the World Event) the only few feasible places are focused on islands poorly communicated with a well-established infrastructure and mid-low population.

One of the candidates is the island code name G-108.You agents must check whether G-108 is the best candidate to execute the FN-Protocol.

In order to do it, it's highly recommended to read the report bellow and follow the instructions. Remember this task is extremely important. G-108 may be selected, and if approved, then field agents will be deployed.
Location G-108 First Evaluation Location is classified. G-108 might be a strategic place for the ARF Initiative in order to apply the protocols. G-108 is not far away from the mainland and seems to have a heavy maritime traffic.
Mission Terrain Recognition Your mission is to explore candidate G-108 for future protocol implementation. You must recon all the locations in order to find: cities, settlements, storages, checkpoints and gas stores.

Technologies at disposal

LR-Drone Model IS
To accomplish the mission, you will fly a LR-Drone Model IS, specially designed for military exploration tasks. The main limitation of the LR IS Drones is the autonomy. 

How to fly LR-Drone:

There might be heightened awareness of hostility. Be careful with the locals.Find all the locations in G-108 before LR-Drone battery switches off or be defeated by hostiles.


Contact is only operational through Discord. Once you complete the mission, share your results. Don’t forget to follow the ARF initiative Newsletter if you want to receive new missions.
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Release date Jun 05, 2019
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorARF Initiative
GenreAction, Adventure, Interactive Fiction, Simulation
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Arcade, Experimental, Exploration, First-Person, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Playstation controller


G-108 RM 1_0_3t.zip 590 MB


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Can anyone explain me why zombies run like this?

I like the worldmap. Found FallNation in forums, sounds cool. Any date for the release?


Yeahhhh runner zombies around the street xD

Because we don't know a zombie watching the TV xD xD
Thanks for the feedback, btw! LoL

Don't forget to join us on Discord!

ARF initiative - FallNation - Discord Server

Cool. Just followed on Discord ;)

Yes, Sir!

me and the bois going to the bar

Yeahhhh it usually happens on saturday night xD


Nice work, guys! Very cool stuff. I made a video gameplay. Feel free to watch it!

By the way, when will Fallnation be released?

Thanks a lot for the support, Abele! We enjoyed the video. About the FallNation releasing date, we hope it will be published this summer, but we cannot say a certain day right now. Let's connect in Discord, we usually publish some updates first there!


Hey guys! Can't wait to see FallNation. G-108 worldmap looks promising, maybe a lil' bit small? I enjoyed the exploration and I made this video. Hope you like it!

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Hi Pyrexian! 

Thanks for the video. It's cool to see you playing this interactive tour while we finish FallNation. About the worldmap size, we already made G-108 in order to know your opinions. Perhaps it's something about dimensions, so if we make characters and locations smaller, island size will fit better.

BTW, let's talk about it on the ARF Initiative Discord Server!

ARF initiative - FallNation - Discord Server

Characters and locations smaller would fit it well, but I think it is required to separate every location among them. Everything seems to be very closer.

Yeah, kinda! 

Working on it! We'll show you the improvements in the next weeks.