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Just requires texturing and a healing animation for this to be a full game

I think game needs a bit more than that to be a full game. Let's say now it's a very nice prototype with lot of potential :)

BTW, thanks for joining our Discord Server. Let's talk about V2!

Totally agree! Can you imagine this little zombies with the Borderlands textures? LOVE IT!


A solid prototype. I hope development continues, there is something very engaging here!


Thanks a lot for the feedback, svr!

If you wanna know how the development continues, let's join us on our Discord Server!

Project Blockchainz - Discord

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I absolutely loved playing this game and it was so fun but i had a raid of 200 zombies and it killed my frame rate  just as a suggestion could you make it so the zombies dont spawn in such massive clumps instead in smaller groups just because if your using a less powerful system you cant play and if you could do this it would mean i could play this game at more than 2fps and play it more

Hi there!

We totally understand you, Benny. On the one hand you can fight against 200 zombies in the same battle. On the other hand, your system's got killed. It's like the ying-yang, but with zombies xD

Now, seriously, we are discussing about it and this is something we wanna improve, 'cause not everyone has a powerful system to support the prototype -imagine how could be with the final graphics and better AI, for example-.

We gotta thank you for the feedback, it's really useful and really appreciate it. Just because of that, you are so invited to participate in our Discord Server. We are now discussing with users about the next step to take, called V2 -version 2-.

Project BlockchainZ - Discord


Hello there! I've had a  great amount of fun playing this game, it gave me that B01 zombie vibe that I used to play  so much but with a twist, and I really enjoyed it! For me that fact that it's pretty hard wasn't the issue, as soon as you manage to use the "traps" properly you can manage to survive a bit longer, overall really cool game to play!  

Have you considered participating in our Game developers World Championship ?  The competition is totally free and with winning prizes ! Our mission is to support and reward the Indie game developer community.

If you are interested in joining in please check out our website for more details: 



I was playing your game and I must say, it's quite good. I like the style of the game and would love to see the game grow. Although I think some changes could be made in the future.

First, a lot of people agree that the game is way to hard and I think so too. I don't think a change should be made for Medium and Hard but I think making Easy modes is needed. Another that should be changes is the amount of zombies that come from the tombstones. A couple times 150 zombies would come out of one and well, they took a lot of time. Another thing I find hard are the Tank zombies. I don't know if they were intended to be really hard but I seem to die ALOT from the hundreds of zombies they spawn. Finally, I was playing for a while and had to fight 550 zombies, surprisingly, I won the battle but for some reason it was staying on the same stage (shown in the picture above) . It was probably because There was WAY to many zombies and the game probably couldn't handle it.

Anyways, hope this helps!

Hey there!

Thanks for the feedbacl, smm1094. We really appreciate it. We gonna fix that bug as soon as we can. And hope you enjoy this prototype. Don't forget to follow us on Discord, where we gonna discuss about the new version of the game, called temporary as V2.

help!!!!!!! I have downloaded both downloads and i can't get into the game. can anyone help? maybe give me a list of steps to take to make it work because this game looks really fun and i wanna have a try.

Hi Captain Crunched!

Thanks for downloading the video game. Getting into it is very easy. You just need to click twice the "Z" icon which name is Project BlockchainZ.

Just in case, what kind of computer do you have?

If you have any questions, we are at your disposal on Discord. Feel free to join us!

i have a hp chrome laptop

And how old is it? Maybe we could see you in our Discord Server, couldn't we? ! :)


Hello there, SREDISKRAD here. I found out about this game from Markiplier, and while I was intrigued at first, my gameplay experience was a little different.

To start off with, there was only the normal and hard difficulties - call me what you will I was hoping for the newbie category as I am not that experienced yet. Boi did that change. As I began playing I soon found out the 3 troops I had weren't exactly gonna cut it, no fault of their own as I wasn't that good either.

After dying very very quickly and recruiting another few people I spent a few of my first coinz on some upgrades to try and do better (and I'll get onto thoughts about the tech tree later) I thought it would be time to get some revenge on the zombies, but with hordes of 60 zombs running around and my bunker having weak defences I thought it'd be better to wait for the hordes to wander off or get some opportunity where I thought I could safely leave the bunker - bad idea.

I soon discovered that the zombies could walk into each other and add up, which led to, what was probably one of the most chaotic fights I've ever experienced. Let me guide you through BlockChainZ: 50, a 1/6th scale Thermopylae.

You see, the zombies had added up far faster than I had thought they would, this is like 5-10 minutes into my play, I didn't expect the zombies to be this high in numbers, all my previous zombies experience being CoD, so when the huge horde of - I kid you not - 702 decided to slam into my bunker, the most intense (on both my game and graphics card) fight ever. I was chugging hard and nearly papping myself, I was only a mini level 3 soldier at the time. 

I swear this fight was almost 15 minutes of frame dropping, bullet spraying, silly action I'd every played. I'm not saying this in a bad way, I would love to get into more of this later on in games development - 700 zombies was an experience at least.

The moral here is, I think the zombies start out pretty thick and scale a bit fast for someone who can only bring 3-5 troops with them at any time early. maybe when we're towing a small platoon of 10-15 men would it be safer to go after wandering hordes of 50-60 zombies.

As for the tech tree that I wanted to get to. I like it, but, I wish there was techs that affected our weaponry, or our bunker. If we could build barricades, barbed wires, mines and towers for our bunker over time so the troops at home can do a more effective job of protecting it while we go out and fight the fight then it would mean the pant messingly 700 hordes can be dealt with by a probably mid game 100-200 soldiers at home with sandbags, mg placements, etc. As for our weapons, I like them, it would be nice if we could have some upgrades like carrying more ammo (I know there's the ammo box) or perhaps more RoF/reload speed perks.

Just a couple of suggestions and a story for ya, I like the game and will play it a few more times ((and if I'm being honest, I quite like the simplified graphics, a zombies game with looks like this is actually quite refreshing.))

All the best,


Hi there, Srediskrad!

First of all, let us thank you for the feedback, really useful for the team, indeed. You mentioned the difficulty level, and we understand you about the amount of zombies in just the first instruction battle (tutorial battle, in fact). That's because we really want you to feel desperate and frustated with the zombie menace. After lots of tests, we though just a few zombies don't represent a serious threat for the player. And you have to admit it's really impressive when you face more than 200 zombies. And it gets funnier when the hordes of zombies are bigger, like 700 of them. 

BTW, that's what we do when 800 zombies are rushing over us:

This feature in the game, the survival one, against these hordes of zombies, is one of the mechanics we wanted to test in the prototype, but gotta say there will be more types of battles in the new version. At this moment, we just call it "V2", because it is believed that Project BlockchainZ name does not represent the spirit of the game we wanna develop. And by the way, it's not the best game name in the world, is it?

Just to point it, this new version, this Version 2 will not only have a new name, but also new graphics to enrich the gameplay and make it more interesting, and so new mechanics around the worldmap, because we believe there is a very funny part of the game if we develop the management in there. 

Right now we are going to discuss about V2 in our Discord server, and it will be really good if you participate, 'cause your feedback is awesome for the team and the community too.

Thanks a lot for the comment, we really appreciate it!

Project Blockchainz - Discord

I actually enjoyed the 700 zombies fight (This wasn't in the tutorial, this was after a while of actual gaming), it was chaotic and fun. My problem was I didn't feel like there was enough opportunities to leave early to try and get some level of advantages. If this is the intent of the game then that's fine, I understand how boring a small group of zombies would be, though I think where it's at is a bit high. Perhaps zombie hordes of about 30-40 ramping up from there would be more manageable for those who want to take risks while also not seeming overbearing for those who want to take it slower.

I'll try giving another test when V2 is released and perhaps record it as well so it can be a fun silly experience for us all ((Yes I did wish I recorded my several hundred zombies encounters for ya to watch)). Best of luck and, to be honest, I kind of like BlockchainZ, the direction it looks like it's going is an arcade-y colourful zombies experience which takes itself just seriously enough to keep more experienced players involved while having just enough colourfulness and silliness that it's entertaining for those adhd gamers who want action on action.

I wish you the best of luck with the project :)


hey! i did a video on your game and its really an amazing conecpt with loads of room to grow and improve its current foundations :D (bear in mind i was running on 3 1/2 hour sleep so if i skipped over some stuff i do apologize ;-; )

Thanks for the video! We really appreciate it.  As you can see, Project BlockchainZ is a concept game, just a prototype. We are now working hard on the graphics and the final game design. By now, we have some concept arts like these two:

Project BlockchainZ - Faction Concept Art

Once again, thanks a lot for the video, it really helps us a lot. Really nice channel! 

Gave it a shot last night before I went to bed and here's what I thought about it.

I'll start with the problems I had with it, and there were only 2 things I noticed that bothered me a bit. First one was how weapon switching worked. I know it's still early in development and maybe its not the game and my PC trying to tell me it needs to be upgraded but I noticed when trying to switch weapons. The game would have a slight delay between when I press a button to switch and sometimes it would play the animation twice before I would be able to use the weapon. It tends the break the pace in the heat of the moment which can happen a lot especially during your first few games. Second one isn't as annoying but still something I felt should be mentioned and it's AI Manipulation, I think that's the best thing to call it. How is it achieved?  Well if you hug a wall and peak slightly where your able to shot and have clear sight of an enemy, depending on the position of the enemy, they will just stand there and be free for the taking. Now it doesn't always happen so that's why I wasn't heavily bothered by it. Do I think these things will cause issues overtime if they aren't fix? Well yeah but I think for a prototype its not reasonable to already call the game a fail. 

In fact I actually had fun with the game, took me a bit to figure out somethings worked but in due time I figured it out and was able to play comfortably.

Now with what I liked. First the RTS/TPS Survival concept. For a few years now the games I enjoyed the most were RTS and Shooters, putting the 2 together sounds like a very awesome idea and from what I played I really enjoyed it. It'll take me time to fully get used to the concept but it was very fun. Next, the building. Now as someone who wasn't a fan of Fortnite at all I found the building system in this game pretty nice. Although maybe I missed something but nothing in the game tells you if you can get extra materials to make new things to build in case your in need of more Mines or Barricades.

Last thing I want to mention is just what I would love to see be added into Blockchain Z. The only thing that currently comes to mind and I can't be the only one that's thinking of it, Online Multiplayer. I'm not sure how it would work but I think it would be cool to see how it works if it does get added into the game.

And yeah that's all I have to say about this game as it is right now. Hope this game does well, and I'll be sure to to play this game as much as I can!

Hi Bonham!

First of all, thanks a lot for the feedback, it is really impressive how deep you've just played our prototype, and that's really cool, indeed. As you have said, this is the very first prototype of a concept game, so there are several bugs we must keep an eye on them, weapons e.g.

Are you playing the game in Windows or macOS? 'Cause depending on the computer you are currently playing it, graphics will render better. BTW, we gotta look at the switching weapon, in order to make it more suitable.  Besides, about the AI manipulation, you are right. At this moment not only our soldiers need to play smarter, but also the raiders must be a better opponents, and it all will get better once we start manipulating AI.  Sooner, they will react much more cooler ;-)

Do not worry for the technology shopping. Right now, you can manage your troops in the bunker, and also buy some technologies over there. Besides you can power up your own building elements and give more health to your alarm baits and barricades, more damage to your barrels and mines. In the future, new technologies will come (we are thinking on drones and turrets, that's something we are discussing on our Discord server, feel free to join us and participate), and you will be capable to buy them in new places around the worldmap.

Are you talking about a MMO option? That would be awesome! But it needs a huge massive population to be interested in the game to create this mode. Imagine now just 20 people playing, acting as soldiers, captains, raiders, everybody fighting not only against the zombie menace (still thinking of the zombie concept, maybe some kind of mutant creature) but also among each others. Because we wanna level up the RPG elements and so the player will experience a better character's progression.

We hope to upload a new patch next week, with some improvements, bugs fixed and maybe a surprise that we expect you like a lot!

Once again, thanks a lot for the feedback. I let you right here a couple of concept arts of the video game. These concepts will give you some vision about the future graphics we are working on.

Don't forget to join us on Discord!

Great concept! Though i did find the AI to be very poor and unrelable. The controls also felt a bit klunky, and a feature to bring more soldiers into battle would be nice along with being able to create defences for your bunker.

Hi Pugly ! 

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! 

A lot of work is in progress, but good news!

Today we are going to launch a patch:  We have reworked part of the AI in order to be more responsive, we think that it feels better (It will need more features, and more intelligence, but we like the improvement). 

The controls, will be improved in a near future (But in order to do that, we need to rework all the character controller). Also the ability to modify the world map with improvements such as bunker defenses will be surely added :) (Adjusting the mouse sensitivity helps a lot)

At last, I'm not sure if you manage to discover it. (The tutorial is a bit tough), when you level up you can control more soldiers (Up to ~30) and build more defenses (Max barricades ~9). 

Lastly we have a Discord community where we share feedback and suggestions, and we happily invite you to join us :)  

I like the concept.  A suggestion: more types of enemies! 

Thanks for the feedback, Jen! We really appreciate it. Totally agree with you about the enemies. Right now we only have two types: raiders and zombies. In the future we wanna have at least 3 factions and many types of enemies in each every one. 

These are examples of concepts we are currently working on:

Project BlockchainZ - Faction Concept Art

Still working on the zombie concept. Hope to show you all something new as soon as possible!


Wow, it was intense!



Don't forget to use all the weapons at your dispossal:

We are now discussing about new weapons to include in the game. Feel free to give us your opinion in Discord! ;)

Project BlockchainZ - Discord

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Hi there!

New BzLog! Future is now, welcome to our concept arts!

Let's read our new Devlog!

Feedback is welcome :) 


This is why i'm a zombie killer :)


Hey, it's amazing the way you use the Bullet Time! Thanks for the video, looks great!


Hey guys!

So, BzLog 8 is ready: Why BlockchainZ Ammo will save you from death?

       Project BlockchainZ - Find Bz Storages

  • It gives you the chance to kill much more zombies in less time.
  • You can kill zombies with just one shoot. (But not the big ones, they need a little bit more bullets).
  • It helps you reducing the stress that comes to you when you are trapped by a bunch of enemies.
  • It improves your strategy. You can prioritize your targets. Big zombies first!
  • You can combine Bz Ammo with Bullet Time Skill. And enjoy the pleasure of killing zombies.


You can read all the BzLog here!

Feel free to join us on Discord.

Project BlockchainZ - Discord

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This match was extremmelly funny. The poor raiders stoped the horde by their own.


Poor raiders lol


In my last matches I was trying to not fight directly with zombies and I am untouchable.

A great strategy requieres a great responsibility ;) Are you trying it with explosive barrels?


I rather mines, I don´t have to interact with them. :)


Hi there!

BzLog 7 is here! Because we love to upload every week with some news. Right now, we gotta talk about the optimizations!

In the last week, we have been working really hard (besides on new features) on optimizations in the game's performance. Today i'll let you know the main problems we've been through this and how we are fixing them.

Right now, the most fps-consuming place in the game is on battles with tons of units, which if you are fighting against zombies it's actually pretty normal (even more if you are playing the hard level as a ranger and you are in late-game).

 Let's visit our Devlog site!


Don't forget to join us on Discord!

Project BlockchainZ - Discord


Really interest concept, does it have controller support?


Thanks GamingDaze! 

Right now the controller support is not implemented, however we want to support it.

Currently we are working on having a clean and smooth control over the mouse and keyboard.


ok thanks


Hey so I can't seem to find the system requirements, maybe they just are not shown anywhere. But can you tell me the recommended requirements?   


Hi Felixthegecko,  we are still working and changing/optimizing all the aspects of the game ,is pretty hard to set a stable requirement list.

Right now for windows we are targeting a middle i5 from the 2013-15 around 8 Gb of ram memory, a middle-low tier dedicated hardware graphic cards from 2014-2016, with all the drivers up to date. For mac maybe a 2-3 years old Mac should work fine.

We keep working on the game, so this probably change. 


I encountered a problem where the RAR file cant be opened on my windows PC I tried both windows version and it wont work


Hi LJ10,  we will try to upload a game version with an alternative compression method.


What about the graphics? Any improvement about them? I like how the shoot feels 


Much Thanks!

Right now we are focusing on developing  the gameplay and the optimization, but on the  near future we will want to improve the graphics , stay tuned to the devlogs or join us on Discord  ;


I love the mechanics! Barricades everywhere, man. Nice game :P


Glad to hear that you like it ! :)

We  will continue developing new mechanics, We appreciate  the feedback, feel free to  join us on Discord!

Project BlockchainZ - Discord

I love barricades too. I would like to see at least 20 barricades to make my own bunkers :)


i thought this game was fantastic! well made and well put together! :D i love the mechanics of how this works :D awesome job on making this game :D 
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Great video! Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it!

Also we have nice  new features on the to do list, and we will continue working on game improvements, you are invited to suggest new features and don't forget to follow us on Discord  ;)

Project BlockchainZ - Discord

If you can switch the angle of view and improve the gunshots, it would be a great game.


They are things that we are working on!

Thanks  the feedback Johnserfseed :)   


very good !! i like this game!!

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Hey devs!

Without bullet time! TRICK SHOT!


Hi everybody!

Wanna kill zombies cooler? It's Bullet Time!

New BzLog is here, hope you enjoy it!

Are you ready to kill zombies in slow motion?


Is there a shotgun in the BzLog?? lol


Yeah ;)


Hey guys! 

Fresh news: Patch Note 1.0.1b is ready. Let's enjoy the improvements of Project BlockchainZ, including Bullet Time Skills optimized and a new weapon: The Shotgun ;)

New BzLogis available.


The game is beautiful, very entertaining


Thanks for the feedback, Pinguinito3p! Great hordes of zombies are coming!

Project BlockchainZ - Zombies are coming

don't forget to join us on Discord!

Project BlockchainZ - Discord


It looks nice, when will it be available an RC or something more playable? 

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Yeah, right now it's just the concept game, but we have a schedule in which we are going to develop further the video game. Today we will upload a new patch with some upgrades, hope you play it and enjoy!


I love the rrtt part; I would focus on that rtt feature!!!! 

Yeah! that's the point ;) Thanks!

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The wall! 

I like these kind of situations

Very good strategy! you're doing really cool!


I think mine is better ;)


How many zombies did you defeat? Looks you should try with more deploy mines :)


At least 400 zombies! So f.... cool, guys. Level 6, 25 soldiers, 9 barricades hahaha lol. I'll try with deploy mines ;)

Hahaha I have been in worst situations... but unfortunately I didn´t record it ;)


Congrats with the release, devs! Nice to see projects coming from forums become real. Best of luck. You got my support! 


Thanks for the support! It's been a while since we last met us in the forums, but now here we are, ready to create this video game with the help of the community :) 


I've just downloaded the game. I like the white aesthetic. Looks very clear and the concept game is really interesting. I'll give it a try. You got a Discord account?


Yeah, give it a try. Graphics will be very different at the end of the project. Right now, it's like a big blank canvas and we will paint it aligned to the lore. Please, join us on Discord!


I made this video to check how to use the alarms.

Is this the function of the alarms? Would be great if it could be use in more situations.

I get 2 alarms but I have not use it to end the game.


Yeah, that's one of the possibilites. using the alarm bait during the battle gives you new chances to survive. Besides, you can use it before the battle starts. Thanks for the support, Pili!


The game mechanics looks pretty cool.
I'm assuming these graphics are place holder and you are going to improve them ;)
Regarding the game mechanics, I think you need to work on the strategic part. It came to my memories games like Rainbow six (the 1998 one). You needed to set in the strategic map all the instructions of each member of the team. The equipment/weapons,  where to move or wait, where to attack and how they attack.
In my opinion, there are only a few instructions, and you are not taking advantage of this cool mechanics. This is a key point of your game. Maybe I miss some of them (they are not easy to find) and I recommend you to do a better tutorial to explain them and take advantage of all game features.

I would love to see cover mechanics, ambush, different kind of soldiers (artillery, assault, sniper...covering different strategical  needs), thermal/zombie view and other tactical mechanics.

I love this game and I will put an eye on the project.



Hi Kalandras75,

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it is really really useful for us, and we are agree with you: the strategical part of the game is the key to create an awesome gameplay. Of course you are right again with the graphics: they are still not implemented in the concept game. Indeed, Project BlockchainZ is a code name for the future video game, and by now what we are looking for so hard is to know how the players interact with the prototype and take all the feedback as possible in order to create a really really good gameplay. 

We love the idea to have some different kind of soldiers, and so we are thinking in snippers, artillery, and others like that, because they will raise up the strategy level and will configurate a better gameplay for the player. 

Right now, our visual artist is working really hard in the graphics, but we wanna design them aligned to the lore behind. 

Thanks for the feedback, it really support us a lot! Hope you enjoy playing Project BlockchainZ and keep in touch, there will be more fresh contents and devlogs to show!


Great idea! I would like to know how it will develop. I found 3 things that bother me a little. Right now I'm missing some verticality on the level design... It's like the first thing I look around in a zombie game. Then the bandits seems too static, maybe making an special mode to diffence from other shooters? And last, in strategy mode I would like some building, it's always funny and usually a part of horde games. 

Hi Sephir6,

So glad to receive your comment.  About the things that bother you, we´ll work on the verticality of the level and on the IA. Also, we want to  work on new features for the strategy mode because we think that it has a lot of potential. 

Hope you like the prototype and don't forget to join us on Discord


I am enjoying a lot this project. 

First match complete after 2 dies. 1:35h.

When more?


Hello devs!

I had find this project from TIG and I tried it to check some mechanics that I saw in the GIFs. 

I was playing the builds and it promise a lot but What about the graphics? Will be like the currently are?

The game needs a lot of work of course but I would like to help you because I played the game in soldier mode and I like it. I was not able to end the match but I enjoyed and I would like to try again.


- I am not sure what the alarms do. I tried to set one on my plans but never happens nothing interesting. 

- How the survivors works? I mean... you can train citizens to become soldiers, but how can I get more citizens?


Hi Pili,

Thanks for the comment, we really appreciate it! 

Yeah, right now the graphics are like a big blank canvas. This is a prototype and we are looking for gameplay feedback. The ending video game will look really cool, with a real aesthetic graphics aligned to the lore behing. It's just a prototype to share with the community and know what do you think about the game mechanics. Even the video game name is a code name. 

About your questions:

- the alarm bait works as a lure. You can place it in the battlefield and zombies will be attracted to it for a while. Also, you can upgrade your alarm bait in the Technology Management inside the bunker. Moreover, you can buy more alarm baits to start battle with more initial amount of them. And it is the same with the rest of the technologies.

- The survivors are the most important element in the bunker, If you have no survivors, there is no one to save and so you lose the game. You must keep them in save. Besides, you can train them to become soldiers. The more soldiers you have in the bunker, the safer the place will be. And finally uou can get soldiers to your troop, depending on the experience level you are.

It's great that you enjoy the video game, don't forget to join our Discord Server!

Project Blockchainz Discord Server

Oh! That´s good, thanks!

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